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Transform Your Laundry Room: From Chore to Delight

No matter how big, small or poorly designed your laundry room is, you still need to wash and dry you and your family’s clothes, making it into a serious chore. Now, Kitchen Decor & Hi-Lite Bathrooms can turn your laundry into a room that you enjoy spending time in. With our custom designed laundry renovations, we will turn this room into a light and bright space that is pleasant to work in, more practical, and will become a feature of your home instead of the hideaway room that it currently is. Find out more.

Laundry design and renovation

A new laundry can make a difference to the style and function of your whole home. With 40 years in the industry, we have completed countless laundry renovations, transforming a seldom-visited work area to a fun and light room. We’re full of good laundry room ideas, talk to us about what we can do for you.

Making valuable use of limited space

Many laundries are small rooms, but that won’t stop us from transforming this space into a user-friendly area. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you with some creative thinking, our team of talented designers, and custom designed and made laundry cabinets.

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3D Modelling

At Kitchen Decor & Hi-Lite Bathrooms we can design a laundry to suit the lifestyle of your family, even catering to your budget if need be. We also own the latest in 3D modelling software, allowing us to create an image of your laundry and add or remove features to make it both more efficient or visually appealing. This will give you an accurate idea of what your laundry will look like and the opportunity to make any changes before signing off on the final laundry design.

Limited disruption to your home life

Our renovation experts always work quickly and efficiently and are exceptionally considerate when working inside your home. Our tradespeople are licensed and well-trained, so you can rest assured they will limit any disruption to your daily routine or family life while conducting your custom-designed laundry renovation.

From laundry cupboards to laundry ideas, and for excellent execution of your laundry renovation request a quote online, contact us, or visit our showroom in Welshpool.

Come into our showroom and we will organise to visit your home and measure the required area.

We will then design your project using our 3D colour computer drawings which will help you visualise your dream kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Servicing the entire Metropolitan area & surrounding areas if required.

We have full insurance cover and are members of the Cabinet Makers Association of Western Australia.

Get Started On Your New Home Design

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